Handmade Holidays and Thensome!

10:21:00 AM

Just as I dealt with my loss at the Hartford RAWards (it was an honor to be nominated, but it still sucked to lose.) I had to deal with an extreme loss of hours at my job. Between needing to take so much time off and the dealership having it's own financial losses, I was cut down to just one or two days a week. So I've been working very hard on trying to make it through this holiday season as inexpensively as possible. Aside from my recent extreme couponing madness, I've decided that this year will be a 100% handmade Christmas. Everyone in my life will be receiving nothing but confections and items made by me. To my advantage, this Thanksgiving my Aunt Minday gave me an amazing hand me down. Something I have always wanted! A sewing machine!!!!
I've been practicing my stitches every day, now I am beginning to get familiar with the Singer sewing machine. So I've begun trying to do like little pre-projects. I was so excited I took a billion pictures.
I am happy to report I made it through my first projects! My basic stitching seems to be pretty solid! I have made three little felt throw pillows. The first one I pinned a brooch to the front of. The second one I sewed some lovely ribbon roses to and did a little decorative stitch on the front. I gave it to my Mama! The last one is pictured, a Christmasy pillow!
My hope is to try my hand at some clothing projects! I plan to pick up fabric this week! I'm also committing to my FIRST runway show in February, so maybe some of my sewing handiwork will be good enough for the show!

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