Molested By a Virgin at the Seymour Strand Theater

11:14:00 PM

THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. If you don't know about the cult following of this film, you have been living under a rock since 1975. It is probably the original cult flick. The greatest of the cult flicks. So when I heard that it was actually playing in my home town of Seymour, I about came out of my skin.

Seymour is located in a little burrow of Connecticut called the Valley. Seymour, Ansonia, Derby, Shelton, Oxford, Beacon Falls and Naugatuck make up the recently dubbed All American Valley. This is a mix of mostly blue collar and middle class who work hard, play hard and are usually in bed by 10:00. So color me surprised when I heard that the Seymour Strand Theater was not only encouraging full on costumes, but also selling bags with all the prop pieces you need for the flick - INCLUDING the messy stuff! Rice, toast, squirt guns, confetti, playing cards, you name it and it was in there for a mere $5! (I know, I can already hear you say whaaaaaatttttt from here.) However, this was NOT a midnight screening. Doors opened at 8:15 and there was a costume contest around 9:00. (Which yours truly did enter!) The flick was running by 9:30. All of us Seymorians were back at home by midnight. The freaks came out, but not as late as you'd think.

Prop bags. They were only $5!
I went into full on costume in a short period of time mode, for the second time in 2 weeks. I had to be Magenta. Like it wasn't even an option for anything else. I have a Magenta statue in my living room. I had the perfect idea for my own campy twist on it.

Our car had been getting fixed for the past two weeks, so I lucked out when we got it back in the nick of time for this event. I was able to run out to a local Ocean State Job Lot and buy 2 king size inexpensive pillow cases. I used these to make my apron for the show. I had a black top that had the right plunging neckline and cut for my not so sweet Magenta. Also a black short skirt I had hemmed a few years back. Fishnets are always in my drawer for costume emergencies! I also had a bevvy of false lashes. I went almost full on drag with my make up. Playing up Magenta's eye make up to the extreme and getting almost a Bianca del Rio version for my look. I was pretty pleased. I practiced my intense Magenta face on Instagram too! The response was just what I was hoping for.

Magenta make up test shot. Why yes, that is a doily on my head.
So off we went! It was great - until we pulled in, and I had a moment of panic. Everyone was in street clothes!!!!! We already bought the tickets. I painted my face like a fucking drag queen *panic* am I the only one who did this!?! I calmed myself and my boyfriend and friend helped talk me down a little. Fuck it, who cares. It's fun. That's right it's suppose to be FUN! So I said screw it, I'll be the freak then. I got out of the car and as I was walking across the lot I heard someone yell "Oh thank God!" I looked to my left and a Magenta and Columbia waved at me, half hiding. I waved back and said Yes!!!! Come with me! We'll go together! Instant friends were made and we all walked to the theater.

Now here's where things start getting wild. More and more people show up. A few more costumes, people started relaxing and laughing. Then this woman comes up to me and hugs me. She's thanking me for dressing up! She's a little tipsy and super excited about the show. She had been waiting decades to see it with a real audience. She loved Magenta and thanked me over and over for doing such a cool costume and make up. She literally grabs my face and starts reciting my Magenta lines. I admit I froze for a minute. I wasn't sure if she was going to kiss me, rape me, or was just super excited. That moment of what is happening here? She gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for making her night and skipped off into the crowd. I shook off the nervous and thought, well, I guess that was ok. Then I took her picture!

Super excited virgin here! Know your assailant.
Just when I thought this night could not be any more surreal, my Aunt showed up! Aunt Mindy joined us in the crazy fun and brought her own prop bag and party hat! She took pics of me in the costume contest like a proud mama, which rocked! And even jumped on stage to do the Time Warp!

Aunt Mindy!
Magenta & Sleep Over Columbia

Psychedelic Riff Raff

Another lovely Magenta!

Pretty Magentas all in a row.
Inspector Mike led the crowd as our MC. He pulled a "virgin" on stage to teach her the Time Warp. Led us through what to expect, and encouraged everyone on stage to get in on the Time Warp.

The costume contest was a blast. Naturally the dude who showed up with the balls to dress as Frankenfurter won by a landslide! That dude deserved everything he won! That took.....balls, which you could pretty much see... I did not win best Magenta, but I sure as Hell acted like I did! Like a boss!

Guess who's ready for her close up now...

Presenting Seymour's own Frankenfurter!

Everyone was a pile of giggles.
So it was official, this was one crazy night. Who knew all this was hiding in my sweet little Suddenly Seymour. 

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  1. Looks like a really fun time! Believe it or not, the Valley is central to the "CT Metal Scene"... They like to party over there!

    1. Hahaha! Jessie I am not one bit surprised! I think growing up here thoroughly influenced my type in men. Big and into metal.


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