Handmade Holidays and Thensome!

10:21:00 AM

More Photos From JLD at the Hartford RAWards

3:30:00 AM

Pictures From the 2012 RAWards Hartford, CT

4:08:00 PM

Hurricane Sandy

12:01:00 AM

Inspiration for the Semi-Finals

9:57:00 PM

Guess Who's Going to Semi Finals???

6:15:00 PM

Trying to get nominated for the 2012 RAWards

4:23:00 PM

My First Interview!

12:06:00 PM

RAW Artists and the Ensemble Show Hartford

10:40:00 AM
beauty pageant

Getting Ready for Miss Royal America

10:11:00 PM

Technorati are you there? It's me Jillian!

1:11:00 PM

Special Offer - FREE Coupon Code

8:06:00 AM


3:28:00 AM
bradley airport

Getting Ready for Miss New England 2012

4:31:00 PM

The (Not So) Secret Sale

7:57:00 AM
16k gold

All About Esthetique

4:20:00 PM

7 Easy Steps to Landing a New Job

9:23:00 PM

Still Getting There

10:07:00 AM

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