Earth Bound Angel : Part 2 of My Photo Journey

11:17:00 PM

This was the harder part to do. Jen was great as the Happy Go Lucky Angel in Heaven. She did some very graceful poses and it was obvious she had practiced for the shoot. But next up was being the Earth Bound Angel. This required her to be sullen, lonely, look rather tragic. The concept was inspired by David Bowie's The Man Who Fell to Earth and a weird post card I had found years ago of a child pageant beauty queen surrounded by trophies and crying. 
So Mecca's job was to create a look of ugly/pretty. Beauty through tragedy. I wanted mascara running down her face and for her to look like she crashed to Earth and got stranded on a beach or desert island. In Than Man Who Fell to Earth they were always showing Bowie behind large sky in very stylized scenes. I wanted to reflect that a bit as well.
 I made a second pair of wings. I called them the Shabby Chic Wings. They were covered in feathers and moss and made to look broken. If you look closely she has a chain of seashells across her as well. My little input from the sea..
I tried to tell this like a story. In the last shots our Earth Bound Angel is saved and is brought back to Heaven once more. Personally I just wanted a happy ending!

The End

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