Why Jillian Lyons Designs is Now The Red Queen

6:22:00 PM

This was a long thought about decision. After all, Jillian Lyons Designs came from a sentimental place for me. My business was found out of a hobby I was able to do from bed while going through treatment for Cancer. The hobby became a way for me to make a little extra money while on a forced hiatus from work. Eventually the little extra money became regular money and an actual business. But it's been a few years since my JLD little engine that could got started. The time had come to go bigger.

Doing work with PopUp55 last year in New Haven was a big jumping off point. It instilled in me a dream for something more. I went through 2 weeks of running my own pop up shop that I had to staff, run, plan events for and promote. It was like small biz boot camp. When I signed on with Mad Hatter and Co., it felt like the perfect place to experiment further with what owning a business could be like. What I learned from this is that I am not yet healthy enough to work in my own shop for the amount of hours I would need to to properly run my own boutique. The past few months have proven this again and again as I get my health back on track. And frankly, I just don't have the capital to keep up with how much I would have to pay out to staff my sick days alone.

So while I had more down time then usual, I started thinking about the future. What do I want. What seeds do I have to plant in order to make those future plans grow. If I had to be home in bed, I might as well put the time to good use! It started becoming more and more obvious. The answer was an online brand. One of the things I love about Mad Hatter is all of the interesting brands Joan Tarby and Angie Chernovetz manage to find and bring in. But my style is a tad different from them. The online brand idea expanded. Why not include some retail brands that I love. Not big brands. But the little guys. Indie businesses, other artists, small and local, USA made clothing in small batches. Cool. Unique. My kind of fashion.

The name The Red Queen is partially inspired by the Mad Hatter & Co. It's a name that folds neatly into the Wonderland aesthetic I love. Alice in Wonderland, it was always one of my favorites. But it also means something more. It's a sassy lady. A boss bitch. A queen that doesn't take shit. It seemed like the perfect name. It also eludes to my personal style which is inspired by all the fringe elements of culture. I consider myself to be a little bit of all of those things. Sassy. Daring. Punk rock. Goth chick. Alternative. Drag Queen (in my heart of hearts. I am a biological woman!) Costume lover. Artist. Experimental. Cosplay enthusiast. Nerdy girl. Naughty girl. Hippie chick. Opinionated bitch. Fashion diva. Alllll of it. The Red Queen is everything.

I am still slowly building the website and brand, as I continue to talk to more brands and sign contracts with the people I heart. So far we have Hemet clothing, Sacred Threads, Banned clothing, Kennedy London earrings, Roma Hollywood, some curations from Valley Vintage and more to come. It's an exciting time to see this come to fruition. You can view and shop the website now as we build. Please know we are still stocking inventory, so this is just a sneaky peek for the people who have been following me for all these years. Cause I heart you so much! <3 But the official launch will be in Spring or early Summer. Peek HERE. I'd love some feedback in the comments below. And if there is a brand you think we should be looking at, please also comment with links!

Coming Soon! The Frida Kahlo Maxi Dress! Taking pre-orders now!

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