The (Not So) Secret Sale

7:57:00 AM

I recently started gaining a following on Facebook and Twitter. This is so exciting to me. People who really seem interested in my work, it blows my mind. So I thought how can I do something for people who are actual fans of my style and work. So I posted on Facebook and asked, what if I had a secret sale or give away for FB fans? Every Thursday? One person said sure, and I was off and running. (Sad, lol, I know!)

So thus begins my Thursday Secret Sale. It runs from midnight to midnight EST. It's open to anyone who is a Facebook fan of mine. ( )Or a Twitter follower ( @JIanBoutique ). The way this works is you can go to my Etsy Shop or use the My Etsy Shop link on Facebook, buy and I'll give you the sale. For example,today my secret sale is buy one, get one half off. I will refund the difference via Paypal!

So what's my point? If you like me (and you should, I'm nice.) If you like my work, then you should Like my Facebook Fan Page, save yourself some money, get some great freebies and discounts. I want to do something nice for people who like what I do. Happy Thursday!

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