Getting Ready for Miss Royal America

10:11:00 PM

So I had made a lot of plans for the Miss New England Pageant. But the night before as I was packing and go through my inventory, making new last minute items everything just fell apart. The business cards and banner I had ordered never arrived. I don't know why I didn't look into things sooner. Turned out that my payment hadn't gone through. Color me surprised. I flew into a panic as I started checking my emails looking for something from the company telling me what happened. There was nothing. I only found out the payment never went through because they had sent me a tracking number when I had placed the order. I was so so angry.
The next morning I woke up with a full blown stomach virus. It was the day of the show!!! GAH! I woke up before the alarm and got violently sick. That's the shitty thing when you go through Cancer. My immune system is weak, so when I get sick it hits me hard and fast. I contacted Christine, the president of the organization that runs the pageants, and let her know that I wasn't coming.
So all that preparation and planning, promoting was wasted time. I had even created my Diva Inspired line JUST for the pageant.
Luckily Christina was kind enough to let me reschedule and come to the MISS ROYAL AMERICA pageant! It takes place the last weekend of April at the Bradley Airport Sheraton Hotel! A second chance!!! YAY!
I ordered NEW business cards and a banner. I have lots of inventory ready to go and am working on more (as always!) I am so excited to have this second opportunity to get it right!

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