RAW Artists and the Ensemble Show Hartford

10:40:00 AM

I have not blogged in MONTHS! Jillian Lyons Designs is going strong! I did my first RAW show. It was amazing! For those unaware RAW is a national non-profit organization started by artists for artists. Most cities across the country have a RAW movement taking place with monthly shows featuring local talent. I had the privledge of being a part of Hartford Connecticut's Raw: Ensemble Show back on September 4th. My first task was a series of head shots. This made me terribly nervous. I usually take pictures of myself. Always in control of the camera, I know what angles work for me, lighting, etc. But someone else in control - I went to pieces.

These were the only 2 images I liked out of 7. Heh. Yesterday I received in my inbox images taken by photographer James Avery at Resuscitate Fashion Media. They did a live photo shoot via Instagram at the show. Some of my jewelry is dripping off this gorgeous model. They even used my Liquor Angel brooches as hair barrettes! Amazing. Creative director, Rahisha Bivens is like a fashion evil genius. Please note in picture 3 the necklace is made by Ms. Kate, another wonderfully talented RAW accessory designer.

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