Hurricane Sandy

12:01:00 AM

Well, Hurricane Sandy hit the West Haven area full on today. The end of my street was flooded before I was even out of bed. Granted, I stayed in until about noon so... there's that. There was a Frankenstorm outside, what else was I going to do? I did some house work and started knitting a scarf. Watched some fun movies. I was lucky enough to have continuous power. From what I hear 500,000 are without power. So leaving me to my own devices I began to tweek the website I put together over the weekend for Jillian Lyons Designs. I changed the template for a cleaner look, the one I was using was a bit crowded. I think the look works. But what I would really like is some feedback! I'm not sure if I should change or edit. Check it out and please leave me a comment!

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