Pictures From the 2012 RAWards Hartford, CT

4:08:00 PM

Jillian Lyons Designs pictured: Jillian Lyons, Krista Combies, Jessica Pozucek and Sara Kenny
Below are images of my models: 1) Sara Kenny 2) Jessica Pozucek 3) Krista Combies
Team Jillian left to right: Jillian Lyons, Sara Kenny, Jessica Pozucek, Jessica Santoni, Krista Combies
All of the artists nominated for the RAWards in Hartford 2012. Front center and happy as all get out - Melissa Erdman, director of the Hartford group.
As part of the competition, we were all asked to create a visual presentation. Unfortunately I was unable to use mine do to the Wifi in the building. Here were mine.

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