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 I recently took a job working for a vintage seller called Vintanthromodern Vintage. I do product photography, post products to their various Etsy shops such as Vintanthromodern Kiddos , as well as look for opportunities for the Vintanthromobile to travel to events.I have started taking on PR and sending out press releases recently. I also help with branching out to consignment shops. It's a lot of fun, a lot of work and I love every second of it.

This week I get to help out with our First Friday Film Series featuring fashion in film at their brick and mortar shop, The English Building Markets located on lower Chapel Street in New Haven. Being a film junkie I am in total heaven! I love talking people up and I love a good film! Showing Friday June 7th at 8pm tickets are only $8 at the door! 

Antonioni's 1966 BLOW UP

Recently while helping VV find more vintage clothing opportunities, I had the pleasure of meeting Robin Gilmore. She is the owner of Made in Bridgeport. This gorgeous vintage and hand made boutique is located in downtown Bridgeport at the Bridgeport Marketplace in the historic Arcade Mall. If you have never been, you should check it out, the mall is AMAZING. The mall itself was built in 1889 and has some of the most beautiful sky lighted architecture I have every seen. It's listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A natural choice for Robin's shop, tying in historic with vintage.

I was able to snap some pictures of the lovely vintage displays she was setting up for the grand opening about three weeks ago. There are some really gorgeous finds! I actually picked up a pair of sapphire rhinestone earrings that i just could not resist. I had dreams about them! The next day I went down with inventory and bought them!

Made in Bridgeport is located at 1001-2 Main Street in Bridgeport inside of the Bridgeport Marketplace. New stores are cropping up as well! Go take a gander.
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