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I think it is pretty safe to say that the all new RAW Connecticut show was a success. The New Haven Russian Lady, the new location of the Connecticut shows, was packed to the gills! There was a very different feel to this event then it's predecessor RAW Hartford. There were more artisans represented in this event. There was a more organized and uniform look. In this production you could feel the influence and personality of it's new director Jess Brey. With RAW Hartford I always felt like I was entering a rock concert type of event. It always felt very edgy and punk rock. RAW Connecticut felt more like entering a stage production. Slightly more refined, but still all about the artist.

I left the event early, having worked all day and in desperate need of food and bed. As we left Matt and I noticed a line going down the block of people eager to get in and see what RAW Connecticut had to offer. I had to smile. They were in for a treat. As you are about to see ;)

The Blackthorn Workshop by leather designer Paul Drennan

The Blackthorn Workshop

Budambe Designs by flame worker Andrew Budlong

Budambe Designs

Gypsy Soul Productions by accessory designer Chandra Lynn

Gypsy Soul Productions

Ok I admit I am biased on my love for this one! I am a serious nerd for the Dark Side.
The Goblin Workshop by Paul Windebank

The Goblin Workshop by Paul Windebank

The Goblin Workshop

This one also rocked my socks right off! I love pin up girls and I love  sugar skulls.
Classy Sassy n Crafty by Kelli Martin

Classy Sassy n Crafty by Kelli Martin

Classy Sassy n Crafty 

My lovely acquaintance from Etsy.com, Ms. Jenn Corriveau of Petite Maus had a gorgeous display!

Petite Maus by Jenn Corriveau
If you would like to do a RAW Connecticut show please contact director Jess Brey! Or Visit any of the RAW Connecticut links for info on upcoming shows!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brought to you by Jillian. You know her, you love her, maybe you should buy from her ;-) just sayin'. Thank you for reading!

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