JLD at NYCC Comic Con That Is

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had never been to New York Comic Con. I had really never been to any con before. Strange considering my awesome step mother works for Reed Pop, who puts the NY and LA cons on. This year she worked the convention handling some of the talent in the autograph areas, mostly helping to control the near pandemonium for the star of Arrow.
This year #NYCC was being held on the weekend of my birthday. And in true Lyons fashion we made it a family affair! I didn't know we were even going until about two weeks prior to the event, when my step momma presented us with 2 three day passes and said my Dad and baby sister Rosamarie were coming too! 
I quickly contacted my bestie Aimee in Queens, who kindly let us crash with her and her boyfriend Evan! Then spent the 10 days prior to the show trying to create a plus size friendly costume using without spending more than $20. I decided to be The Phoenix, Jean Greys super hero / super villain of the Xmen. Of course with my own twist!
I made a mask crusted with green and gold glitter. I turned my old black combat boots into metallic gold glittery boots, I made a matching glitter Phoenix emblem for my chest out of clay. Also sculpted one out of clay for my waistband. (It unfortunately got sacrificed to the con Gods. Broke off when I got smushed between a bunch of other cosplayers in the crowd!) I couldn't find long gold gloves, so I bought a cheap pair in white and dyed them using a few Sharpies and rubbing alcohol. A green shirt that I loved worked as my costume base. Being plus sized and not being one to show too much skin, I felt this was both effective and pretty. So lastly I added a gold undershirt, leggings and I was done! 
So here are some of the photos from our religious Comic Con experience. My kid sister is the dotted face pop art, my Dad is in many of these shots as well as my boyfriend and biz partner Matthew aka Dick Dangers. This will have to be a part one of two , as some are cellphone shots, others on a little point and shoot cam. Enjoy and feel free to comment! 
More pictures to come of our favorite costumes and moments in Part 2!!! 

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  1. I apologize ahead of time for any spelling / grammar errors! This was my first cellphone written post! :)

  2. Went to my first Comicon this year as well, albeit a much smaller one -- so much fun!

  3. I went on Thursday. For a first day, it was already well-attended!


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