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I am convinced, if Andy Warhol were alive today he would have not only loved, but like INVENTED Instagram. It's the ultimate most self serving form of Pop Art. Instantaneous gratification. Play by plays of the Factory. Constant modern art uploads by Warhol. Andygram could have been amazing.

I recently went through a creative rut. I started focusing on my newly formed Valley Vintage business and spending time building it. But in that time my little personal bank of ideas was just empty. With Halloween on it's way, one of my very favorite times of year, I felt like I needed to do something to motivate myself. Jillian Lyons Designs was kind of depending on it. So I decided to challenge myself to use the awesome power of Instagram and post a picture a day, every day, no exception. It's been 9 days so far. Doing a picture a day has forced me to get off my ass and make art in some way. I'll tell you, the flood gate of ideas is open and flowing.

It's been amazing so far! No matter where I am, if it pops in my head I pull items together and make it happen. It's also forced me to use things around me to make these things happen. Things I've made. Stuff around the house. Random things around me. It's forced me to get out more into the world when I want to do something more nature involved. Creative on the quick! I highly recommend it.

So in less then 2 weeks. My own Andygram (Jillygram?) has snowballed into the creation of two photo collections I am hoping to create prints from. 1) Dia de los Muertes which feature Dick Dangers & myself modeling masks I made. I am hoping to create a story from these images. And 2) Valley of the Dolls, which will feature me (again!) and hopefully other friends, fam or models, recreating famous images and scenes from my all time favorite book and camp classic flick - Valley of the Dolls!

Some exclusive images just for the blog from my Insta-shoots are below. You can see my actual Instagram feed here. I'm also using #apictureaday as well! Follow me to see my new image each day. My goal is to do it for a month. (Maybe even pushing it further to do it for an entire year!)

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  1. Cool! I'll admit, I'm an Instagram addict -- @AltCtrlCT!

    1. Me too Jessie! I just started following you on the old Instagram too!

  2. Love Instagram! Following you now!

    1. Cool! Thanks Bonnie! I am loving your feed!


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