Cinder + Salt Debut Party @ The Haven Collective

10:45:00 AM

You know what never ceases to amaze me? The small business brands that come alive in and around New Haven. I think the area attracts the best and brightest of Connecticut to come and share their passion. It's pretty fantastic.

The Haven Collective hosted a 3 hour event to welcome just such a brand, Cinder + Salt. Owner / designer Rachel DeCavage creates low impact printed t-shirts, ties and totes with unique graphics and slogans. I was drawn to a tote that had Makin' Moves emblazoned on it in hot pink lettering. I couldn't resist!

Cinder + Salt with Vintanthromodern Vintage create a unique marriage in The Haven Collective. The main focus has been put back on vintage clothing. But Cinder + Salt sprinkle in modern appeal with color and vibrancy. It also lends more men's oriented products to The Haven Collective's inventory. These skinny ties for example are ridiculously cool. Look at the spaceman! Love!

So if you happen to be in the New Haven area or are  looking for some new duds, hit up The Haven Collective! You're bound to find something with such diverse pickings in a trendy boutique setting.

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  1. I love everything in this collection, especially the red shoes! I will have to plan a day trip to see this store, Hartford is over an hour from me but, I love shopping local!

  2. What neat items! Love the T-shirts! I need to get there soon!

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