Getting to Know Me

7:03:00 PM

Well hello there you savvy blog reader you! My name is Jillian, I am a bit of a serial blogger. This one in particular has a focus on some of my personal life, but mostly my creative work.
I am a knitter and a jewelry artist. I strongly use the word artist. What I do is create new jewelry from old pieces as well as new jewelry supply. I occasionally will reconstruct an original vintage piece and try and give it new life.
My method of crafting is a process. I will get an idea in my head and start putting shapes together. I'll search online and off for pieces to put together., flea markets, Goodwill, tag sales, all of these are shopping with purpose. It can take me any where from a few days to a few weeks to get a piece together.
Sometimes I am able to create from what I already have. I sit down and plunk everything in front of me and look for things to come in together.
Below is a sample of some of my work over the past two months.

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