Goodwill Trip - Two Rings from One

10:59:00 PM

When my boyfriend saw the title of this blog entry, he laughed. "It sounds like a Lord of the Rings chapter." I didn't know how else to put it. I had one ring that was breaking, so I broke it apart and made two.

This is where we begin:
This was a one piece banded vintage ring that I saw in the display case at Goodwill. When the girl took it out for me I inspected it and saw that the centerpiece was breaking off. No wonder it was so cheap! I thought, gee can I fix that?
So I came home and popped the top off, sanded down all of the jagged edges, cleaned everything using jewelry cleaner and Qtips, and poof! I was ready to make 2 new rings!
Using the band first I thought, what could I put on there where it won't look obvious that this once had been soddered on? I found a tiny clay rose left from my last batch of clay cabs I'd made. It was a lovely fit!

Then I took the golden flower centerpiece the ring originally had and placed it onto a large base adjustable ring! It looks just lovely Here is the finished product:

It really goes to show, you never know what you will find at a thrift shop! Both of these items are available in their refurbished state in my Etsy shop.

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