The Goodwill Trip - January

11:32:00 AM

I have been in this ridiculous cycle with my phone company to try and get my phone fixed. While visiting the store I began day dreaming about being in other stores. Enjoying myself, shopping. What did I want to shop for? Ooh, beads. No, old jewelry. Something I can take apart and play with. It dawned on me, Goodwill is just up the road! AND in an effort to get my boyfriend to clean his car and kinda failing, I could donate a big bag of close I had left in the back seat for just such an occasion!
As soon as my phone treachery was over ("Just wait for FedEx to mail you a box, then put your phone in the box and bring it to FedEx and you'll have a new phone in two more weeks!")I was on my way to shopping bliss!

I made out like a bandit! My trash to treasure hunt was everything I hoped it would be! I found a silver frame for my kid sisters picture, a copy of one of my favorite books, and three pieces of vintage jewelry I loved! Lastly and BEST of all, I got a big bag of broken, weird and old jewelry for $5.99! When I got home there was soooo much usable stuff!

My first project became the restoration of these great vintage Christmas clip on earrings. I started by taking the backs off. One of the earrings fell apart, so I had to clean it and put it all back together.

Last I cleaned everything and shined it all up! This is the first time I have ever done any kind of restoration. It was incredibly exciting. I could not believe this was from a junk Goody Bag! Here is the final product.

Stay tuned for Goodwill Part 2: Two Rings from One!

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