7 Easy Steps to Landing a New Job

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I have always been good at beefing up resumes and shining during a job interview. I don't mean that in a toot your own horn kind of way. I have had a lot of experience as an employer and employee. This week I just landed myself a new job that I am super excited about. It got me thinking about people I love who have been having a tough time finding work. I literally just spent part of my evening helping my Mom learn how to attach a resume to an email. Over the summer I helped my Dad b y forwarding him job listings. A few weeks ago I even updated a resume for one of my managers.

So here is my advice to anyone job hunting, I hope it helps!
1) Over Do It From the Start! I mean it. If this is a job you are interested in then you need to be down right competitive about it. If there is an application, bring a resume, if it requires a call, make a follow up call. And if they don't respond, make them respond. Call, email and re apply. Persistence is key. The extra's show your attention to detail.
2) Dress to Impress. The worst thing you can do is go through all of that work and then walk in looking like you're next stop is the laundromat. Do it up right! Even if it is a cashier's job! No jeans, t-shirts, bar clothes, stretch pants, etc. At the minimum, dress pants and a button down shirt. If you don't own a good interview outfit, try Macy's. Their clearance items are usually for the season you are in and you can find some great things very cheap! Walmart carries a brand called George that also makes for great inexpensive interview wear.
3)Research! Be sure you know about the brand and business you'll be working for. Look for their website, reviews of the business and their product, and the product itself. Just about every business has a website and somewhere on that sight you will find some sort of About Us page.
Who are they and what do they stand for? Know what you are getting into. Be sure this is a business you'd be proud to work for.
4)Confidence and Enthusiasm. When you land that all important interview, confidence in yourself and enthusiasm for the job is so key. You have to believe that you are the right person for this job. If you doubt yourself, how can you possibly make anyone else think you can do the job? I always drink an energy drink and psych myself up before meeting with someone important. If you're excited, then they are excited. And more excited about hiring YOU.
5) Stay CALM. This is a tough one. Personally, I am a nervous person in general. So when I head into an interview I have to remind myself to fight my fears and stay calm and focused. How long can this take? It will be quick, and if they don't want me, then their loss. Getting a good night's sleep really helps! Try and think of this as a meeting and you are in control. Tough I know, but you can do it!
6) Interview Them Back. You are going to be spending like 50% or more of your time with the people at your potential new job. So bring a notebook and ask, ask, ask! Find out who they are. Doing this once got me a job I never thought I'd get. The manager was so impressed by my asking questions and writing down his answers that he called me and hired me as soon as I left the building.
7) Let Them Know You're Good! When you are interviewing, be open and honest. If you left your last job because you're manager sucked, tell them! There is nothing wrong with saying a job didn't fit your life or that you didn't like who you worked with. I left my current job because of health issues. In my interview for my new job, I said that. Well I got the job AND due to my health I can work this position from my home office.
Also, let them know you're a professional by following up your interview with an email to say thank you for their time and consideration of you. It's polite and extremely professional. Of course you're on top of things!

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