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While in NYC to see Showgirls the Musical my friends and I stopped for a late dinner at JapaDog the home of the Japanese Hot Dog. Located on St. Mark Street in the East Village, JapaDog offers up some interesting variations on the American favorite.Matt and I ordered up some dogs and an order of fries. 

Kind of a funny story here. We waited in a short line to place our order. When we got up to the counter, an adorable young Indian girl took our order and yelled it back to the Japanese cooks IN JAPANESE. There were some Asian college kids in line behind us. They heard her Japanese and were impressed. "Hey that Indian girl spoke better Japanese then you, and you're Asian!" one guy laughs. I stifled my laugh. His friend spoke my mind "Uh dude, she is Asian. She's from India." It took a while for his buddy to put it together.

Meanwhile, in Foodland Matt and I placed our order. I got the Croquette - a Japanese croquette (fried mashed potatoes) with Arabiki sausage and cooked cabbage. I also got the Love Meat (I couldn't resist the name!) which is a hot dog topped with their meat sauce and cheese. Also ordered a side of black pepper fries but got the butter and shoyu fries. The mistake was ok, because I had already inhaled a 1/4 of the bag before I realized it wasn't what I asked for. I had no idea buttered fries would be so delicious! 

As for the dogs, The Croquette was delicious! The little croquettes have a little BBQ sauce on them. They are like these delicious tangy little potato pancakes! The sausage and cabbage was just perfect. The cabbage is prepared similar to sour kraut. I will be spending weeks trying to make some kind of similar crazy hot dog concoction at home. LOVED IT!
The Croquette
As for the Love Meat, it was a little disappointing. I think I was expecting something in the vein of a Japanese chili dog. That's not what this was. It was sweet. Too sweet for my taste. The meat sauce threw me off. I ate about half and gave it to Matt to finish. He, on the other hand, enjoyed the Love Meat! In fact, I would even say he loved the Love Meat. (Hahahahahahaha.) 
The Lovemeat
Now the Yakisoba Dog I did not try. It is Arabiki sausage with Yakisoba noodles and roasted red peppers. It looks very interesting. Matthew gave it rave reviews and said now he wants to make every hot dog with Yakisoba noodles on it.This is something I may need to get creative with at home! Better start stocking up on Yakisoba!
The Yakisoba Dog

Japanese hot dogs are A-maze! But we also had some seriously yummy cake! Matt's birthday was this past Monday. For a couple of years now I have been getting cakes from my super sweet  friend and Jillian Lyons Designs model Sara Kenny of You've Been Cupcaked. This year Matt could not decide what he wanted to order from her. She emailed me a 14 page list of flavors - I shit you not, 14 PAGES! Every time he landed on something he wanted to try, he would panic and change his mind. He kept saying 'it's so much pressure!' Ultimately he decided on 1 dozen of 2 different flavors: Raspberry Lime and Orange Cream Fizzy, but with a zombie theme...

Sara came up with an idea to do the cakes as she naturally does to keep the integrity of the flavor. She wanted to be able to do the zombie theme for Matt and since she is uber talented and a dear friend, she whips up a zombie mini cake for us on the cheaps. I heart her! Here are those delectable cupcakes. I go to her for every event in my life requiring me to get cake she is the BEST!

Top: Orange Cream Fizzy
Bottom: Raspberry Lime
Smooth rich and creamy.
Tart and sweet in all the right ways.
And here is the super scary zombie cake! Oh no it's coming right for us!!! This delicious monster of a mini cake has butter cream frosting and an Oreo cookie crumb topping. Inside was the moistest, richest chocolate cake and white icing filling. It tasted like an Oreo cookie cake! It was the best chocolate cake I have ever had. I am scrambling to think of an event I can order this cake for and still get to eat the majority of it...  
Bwains! Bwains!!!


Oh NOOOO! He's coming to get meeeeee!
Last of the pics is my sweet Matthew being taken over by the zombie cake. You can see the transition for yourself! It was THAT good that it turned him into.....
Matt is fearful. Does eating the zombie make him a zombie?

He succumbs to the sugar pulsating through his veins.

Alas Matt becomes what he fears - ZOMBIE! KILL IT! KILL IT!


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