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Thursday April 4th was another spectacular RAW event held at The Russian Lady in Hartford. This show was called Marvel and featured comic book style artists and geek themed goodness. It was an incredibly busy show! I took what pictures I could given the crowd and artists willing to let me take snap shots of their work.
This was the last show put together by RAW Hartford director Melissa Erdman, who did an amazing job helping to build RAW from the ground up in it's Connecticut branch. When I met her I was bowled over by how on top of things she was. I had run a team of artists for a little over a year and thought I did good. But after seeing Melissa I was super impressed, girlfriend schooled without even knowing it! I personally need to thank her for inviting me to join RAW this past year. My little baby business has new doors to open and is beginning to grow thanks to RAW and the amazing people I have met within it. Always with a hug and a smile, words of encouragement - Melissa is one in a million. Thanks for believing in me lady!
 This was also the last show for the Hartford Russian Lady. RAW Connecticut as it will now be known, will have a new home at the all new Russian Lady in downtown New Haven. The show's new director, Jess Brey, will be taking on the re-branding and switching the show to every other month but with double the artists showcasing at each event.
Marvel was a fantastic send off for Ms. Erdman and a lovely ushering in for Ms. Brey!
Jess Brey (right) Melissa Erdman (left).
This was also the last show for Ms. Kavita Ashok, whose fine art work Kaptured on Kanvas was on display. Kavita will be moving back to her native India. I had the pleasure of meeting her back in September of 2012. I just adored these little mini paintings she did featuring some of my favorites like Audrey Hepburn. She is one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of chatting up. She did smashingly at her last show here, and walked away with new friends, a smile and a bag full of money. A great note to end on in my book! I wish you the best my dear!

On display, the work of Kavita Ashok's Kaptured on Kanvas.

But aside form all the hellos and goodbyes there was some phenomenal work on display as always! See folks, you go to a RAW event and you get fabulousness! Great drinks, good music, and talented people who deserve some serious recognition! I took as many pics as I could.

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Mary Murph

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Tom Ryans Studio

Tom Ryans Studio

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