Believe in People Photo Shoot

6:11:00 PM

I've been cruising Craigslist off and on for a few weeks now looking for jobs, interesting gigs and opportunities to get my business out there. While searching I came across an ad of a photographer looking for designers that would allow her to photograph them for her resume and experience. The picture used in the example she posted happened to be of a model wearing my jewelry! Fate was for sure at work.
I emailed the photographer and met the talented Ms. Myra Veres, a young Ukrainian photographer from Newington, Connecticut.
We started hashing things out right away and planned on shooting something the following weekend. I contact some friends who were interested in modeling. Myra asked to work with Sara Kenny and Jessica Pozucek, friends of mine who were kind enough to work with me back in November for the RAWards. We decided to meet up at my place where I did make up and we figured out clothes and what of my pieces would be used. We incorporated a few pieces of my jewelry and my hand made black angel wings
Myra did some research for a location and found a graffiti artist that tagged himself as Believe in People or BIP. Sort of New Haven's own version of Banksy. Myra was fascinated by his work and wanted to see how many of his pieces were still up around New Haven. She managed to find three of them in 3 hours before we met to shoot! Her hope was to incorporate his art into her own and get his attention. Find out more about who this mysterious talent was. So we went out armed in the cold, and this is what Myra shot.

Interesting ending to this tale. Sara has a good sized following from her delicious business You've Been Cupcaked. When she tweeted these photos, Believe in People tweeted back to her. Myra may get her wish after all ;-)

Below are the close up shots Myra took at the end of our day as we were losing the light. Featuring Jillian Lyons Designs!

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