My Own JLD Halloween

9:45:00 AM

This year I added a new product to my small accessory business. I decided to start making wearable angel wings. And the results have been nothing but positive. For Halloween I received a slew of custom orders and have already started taking custom orders for Christmas. Believe me when I say I have been a busy girl this month!
So busy in fact that I started stressing over my own Halloween experience. I was making all of this super fun stuff for everyone else. I was inspired to make my own Halloween costume. Something, believe it or not, I have never done before.
I started by making black wings. I had wine colored feathers for detail and a large red rhinestone for the center. Then by shear luck I found a few paper mache skull masks at a local craft shop. I have spent the last few days making my costume to morph into a winged day of the dead girl.

This part we can call Halloween Phase 1.

Me with gigantic Tyra lashes and make up for my mask.

Dia de Los Muertes... you better work bitch.

Halloween Phase 2 - rad sugar skull inspired mask.

Do my bidding!

Tinted to attract Skeletor.

Halloween Phase 3 now complete!

My wings are fly.

Welcome to Hell, now serving candy.

Hope you has a wonderful Halloween!!! ~ Jillian

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