Petra Szilagyi Shows New Haven What She's Made Of

1:42:00 PM

I met Petra Szilagyi one afternoon inside of the English Building Market in a work related meeting. At the time we both were assisting Melissa Gonzales of Vintanthromodern Vintage. Petra was knee deep in vintage clothing and  accessories while designing a 1920's window display. I instantly liked her when she cheered upon hearing about the drag queen patrons who were buying up some of Vintanthromodern's wares. 

Petra recently left her position with Vintanthromodern to further pursue her career as an artist. Since then I have seen her modeling in a gorgeous spread on the blog I Love New Haven with Daria Anna Photography. Yesterday was the opening reception of her solo art show at Lipgloss Crisis located at 756 Chapel Street in New Haven. 

The work in this show span the past three years where Petra challenged her own ideas about feminism, spirituality, plastic surgery and contemporary art. While looking at the work I could feel how personal her art was. I felt like I was reading a well kept diary. Except this diary's author was holding a mirror up to New Haven and saying yeah, you too. A true expression of herself is on display.

Petra's thought provoking work will be up at Lipgloss Crisis located at 756 Chapel Street in New Haven until December 4th. What I have shown here is just a fraction of what you can see in person. Most of the works were created using upcycled, renewable or recycled materials.

To contact the artist you can visit her website or email her directly at

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