Wednesday's Child Part 1: We Are the Desperate

11:30:00 PM

My first project since our move back to the Valley started with driving around and re-discovering Seymour. Down random streets and back up through familiar areas, I started to view Seymour with fresh eyes. My creative process went into full swing as I started imagining what I could do in some of these spaces. How I could use what I had made and collected to tell a story while still marketing my businesses. I love the idea of making art, to sell other art.

I put out a call to local models on Facebook. I still wasn't entirely sure what the project was going to be, just a few different ideas bouncing around. The one that i kept coming back to involved a location we went by and was part of a park and Seymour Land Trust. On an old dumpster in the middle of the back parking lot someone had spray painted WE ARE THE DESPRATE. Spelling error and all it called to me.  An old co-worker of mine reached out and suggested someone he knew. I looked at her pictures and everything started coming together in my head. The 1960s mod dress I had purchased that screamed Wednesday Addams. It was full motivation to get it repaired and in wearable order. Wednesday's Child started to come into being.

Julia Karen was someone super easy to work with. She had no fear of the camera and was up for anything. She and my old friend Finks of Absrtact Koncepts were a couple, they came together for the shoot. And thank goodness they did! Finks brought a camera so that he could snag some shots of his own. About 5 shots in, my camera stopped working. Finks took over as photographer as I directed the shoot. It was such a fantastic collaboration that we had hundreds of usable shots! 

So after much painstaking editing, I decided to release this as a series called Wednesday's Child and  in parts. Part 1 is below. It is entitled We Are the Desperate. Both wings and dress are currently still available.

The Desperate Child

We Are the Desperate

60s Siren

Desperate Siren

Desperately Seeking

The Bad Seed

Wednesday's Child

Desperate Leader

Wednesday's Lonely


It's Coming

Silent Film Angel

Voice of the Desperate

Wednesday Rising

Sepia Sadness

Soak It In

Wednesday Smiles

Save The Desperate


I Know What I Have To Do Now

Part 2 will be coming in another week or so. I am so proud of this work. I can't wait to share the next set!
Jillian prepping Julia, behind the scenes.

Photos: Abstract Koncepts & Jillian Lyons Designs
Model: Julia Karen
Hair & Make Up: Jillian Lyons & Julia Karen

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